Dressing Up, Dressing Down

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dress 1950.19

Object Name: fancy dress outfit

Date: 1826

Accession Number: 1950.19
Image Copyright: © Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • satin
  • lace
  • linen
  • cotton

Fancy Ball Dress made from blue and cream satin, trimmed with silver lace and braid. Mock Jacobean or early 17th Century.
Bodice made from blue satin and lined with white linen. Light boning at the back and open at the front to reveal stomacher. Collar wide over back and shoulders, narrowing to CF, edged with silver and cream braids. Sleeves lined with white cotton, full and slightly puiffed. Turn back cuff, shaped, of cream satin and faced with silver braid and edged with cream and silver braids. Silver paper leaves sewn or pinned (with contemporary pins) over sleeve. Waist line edged with silver braid. Skirt made from cream satin attached to under bodice of white cotton. Fastening at back with drawstring at neck and hook at waist. Satin stomacher, edged with silver. Looped silver braids at waist and cord hangings from left side and blue satin band.


Type: Length
Height: 139.7 cm

Type: Shoulder to waist
Height: 33

Type: Waist
Width: 61