Dressing Up, Dressing Down

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Bed-Gown 1770-1790 (1972.110)

Object Name: gown & bedgown

Date: 1760-1780

Accession Number: 1972.110
Image Copyright: ©Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • linen
  • Block printed

Bedgown of white plain-weave linen, printed in indigo using China blue block printing. A formal pattern of dots and trailing flowers. Two weaves of white/dark blue checked linen used as lining material: one for lining back, one for lining gown fronts. Short gore at each side of sideseam for fitting over skirt (hence female garment). fronts not meeting by 4cm. Shoulder line slashed for 7cm at each side neck. Short sleeve sections extended by long unshaped rectangular piece, and lining stopping short by 12cms, allowing for turning up of cuffs.
China Blue block print - The Indigo was ground with ferrous sulphate, thickened and printed. The cloth was then passed through alternate batts of lime and ferrous sulphate to develop the colours. Printed using a single wood block with some metal pins, 27.5cms by 21.5cms.


Type: Length
Height: 80 cm

Type: Hem