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stays 2003.109/2

Object Name: corset & stays & stomacher

Place of Creation: Europe, United Kingdom
Date: 1620-1640

Accession Number: 2003.109/2
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • silk
  • satin
  • twilled

Red satin over linen twill, edged with pale blue silk ribbon.
Stays: shaped back section, sides continuing round to front with nineteen pairs of holes stitched in blue silk, extending to blunt-pointed waist, six tabs over hips and back, 2 plain satin gores between tabs at each hip; shoulder straps from back with hole at each end to tie to holed tabs at front; narrowly spaced stitching in blue silk, vertical down back, oblique at sides; straps and front laced with more modern lacing; seams at back covered and centre front panel outlined with metal thread braid; edges bound pale blue silk ribbon, some (probably contemporary) repairs in pale blue grosgrain ribbon.
Stomacher: curved top and blunt point, central bone and one bone each side, narrow vertical stitching in blue silk, braid down centre front, and across top.
Ian Chipperfield dates the stays to 1620-40, not the later 1680s date that we had formerly due to the following features: twill linen; type of boning; set of the shoulder straps.He has seen a similar but very worn pair at the TCC in Winchester.


Type: Length (whole) - back
Height: 37 cm

Type: Length (whole) - front
Height: 33

Type: Stomacher
Height: 37
Width: 25