Dressing Up, Dressing Down

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fan 1965.130.jpg

Object Name: fan

Place of Creation: Europe, Spain
Date: 1820-1840

Accession Number: 1965.130
Image Copyright: ©Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • ivory
  • shell
  • papier maché
  • metal
  • printed

Paper fan with watercolour over print on paper, ivory sticks; guards and sticks inlaid with abalone shell and metal; front, scene of alfresco picnic showing two men, three women in contemporary dress, in tones of grey and white; reverse, country scene of mill and oxen;
Grey and white colour scheme suggests fan was used for mourning.

Papier maché box covered with shiny paper, bottom brown, top quartered scarlet and lilac, divided by applied white braid, with four metal studs (1 missing).


Type: Size
Height: 21.6 cm