Recycled Fashion

In fashion, as people often say, "what goes around, comes around". Fashion borrows incessantly from the past, re-using the same inspirations and ideas, but re-interpretating them for contemporary audiences. Cultural styles such as oriental, asian and turkish have recurred throughout the last few centuries; whilst fabric designs like tartan, floral and tweed are also perenniels, as are concepts like romanticism, classicism and militarism. Recently, designers have also loved to look to previous periods, borrowing "fifties florals" or "seventies glitz", or as now, "thirties glamour".

The very fabric itself of fashion can be recycled too - materials have traditionally been very expensive, encouraging the remodelling of garments and the frugal and imaginative use of every last scrap. The modern vintage clothing cult is merely the last in a long line of such re-use, and in this section we aim to highlight interesting case-studies from our collections.

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