Making a kediyun

An illustrative artist talk: Re-inventing a traditional Indian milkman’s dress

Sunday 26 January, 1 - 2pm, Gallery of Costume

This exhibition shows the work of LOkesh Ghai, an artist and MA by research student in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. For his research about the making of the traditional Indian garment, the kediyun, LOkesh worked as an apprentice in the homes of two kediyun makers.

The kediyun is an upper garment worn by men in pastoral communities in Kutch, West India. The garment is always white, with a dramatic and elaborate cut. Traditionally, local women made the kediyun for the men in their family, more recently, tailors have started making them.

The research identifies the key processes involved in the construction of the traditional kediyun: the fabric properties, use of draping, rules of proportion and the ways of fitting form to body. The construction technique of the kediyun is rooted in the social, religious and cultural fabric of the communities of Kutch.


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