Hampstead today

As you can see, very little has changed since 1852 when Ford Madox Brown began to paint Work. These images show the area around The Mount, off Heath Street in Hampstead, London, which was the site of Ford Madox Brown's Work. Compare current photographs of the area with the painting to see for yourself.

Read our photographer's story about the day he spent taking these pictures.

To see this area on Google Maps, follow this link to The Mount, Heath Street, Hampstead.

Burgh House and Hampstead Museum are in this area, and also use Ford Madox Brown's Work in their education sessions.

Photograph of The  Mount, Hampstead, NW3, taken in 2007
View of The Mount, off Heath Street. The scene of Work.
Photogrpah of original gas lamp, The Mount, taken in 2007
Original gas lamp seen in Work.
Photograph from opposite side of fence, Heath Street, taken in 2007
View of the bank where people are resting in Work.
Photograph of houses at far end of The Mount, taken in 2007
Houses at the far end of the road.
Photograph of The Mount street name, taken in 2007
Street sign for The Mount.
Photograph taken from the other end of the road, The Mount, 2007
View from far end of The Mount.