Mini Art Club

Boy painting at mini art club

Colourful display at mini art club

Parent with baby pointing to an art work

Mark Making at Mini Art Club

Mini art club for children aged 1-4 year olds and their families

Second Friday of every month, 10.15 – 11.15am and 11.30 – 12.30pm

At mini art club we aim to support language, physical development and social skills by looking at artworks and exploring ideas and materials in our studios. It’s an active, lively and fun session and we hope that parents and children come away feeling inspired and energised.


To avoid disappointment, you need to book ahead for our mini art club. We start taking bookings one week before the event. 

There's a maximum of 40 people per session.

Please call: 0161 235 8888

What happens?

We meet Jess in the atrium and say hello before setting off of on a treasure hunt to find this months artwork. Often there’s a trail or tool to help us explore.

Once there we’ll use different objects or words to help us investigate the artwork thinking about colours, shapes, textures or even smells.

Back in the studio we’ll explore as simple idea or theme taken from the artwork. We usually run two activities, once more focussed on mark making and the other on sound or light for example.

Mini Art Club has been specially created by artist Michiko Fujii.

Michiko's art practice is an exploration of materials, interactions and spaces. She makes immersive, large-scale installations that explore light, shadow, projections, sound, movement and texture. 

Michiko is interested in how these creative spaces can enhance certain moods and stimulate curiosity and a sense of wonder and excitement!


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What people say about mini art club

Boy dancing at mini art club

"We loved the magical forest - a feast for the senses. Using different materials to make leaf collages and hiding from the 'rain' in the gallery forest. Excellent vollunteers."

"Wow! It was our first time at Mini Art Club and we all had a fab time. Thank you to all the staff. Brilliant."

"Today was amazing. Phoebe had a great time painting with her nose, knees, tummy.. and bottom. It was especially great that the artists joined in too. See you next month."