Newly Qualified Teacher Training Programme

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FREE Training for Manchester Primary NQT’s and TA’s

We've developed this training programme to support new teachers to take risks and deliver the curriculum creatively. It shows them how artworks can inspire new ways of working, while also addressing the practicalities of visiting museums and galleries. Please pass this information onto colleagues, headteachers and induction tutors.

The programme includes these practical sessions:

Zoom into nature

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Teachers discover how artworks can be used to explore nature and the natural world. You will be inspired by gardens, landscapes, flowers, even weeds! Comparing historical and contemporary approaches you will take a close up view of our collections to draw and print to generate ideas, develop low-fi photographs and magnify details into wood by carving compositions.

A Sense of place

Thursday 19 June 2014

Teachers take a sensory and immersive journey around the Gallery, using a variety of speaking and listening approaches to inspire writing activities. You will bring some of the people and places in our paintings to life, exploring characters and creating different settings, through role play, co-operative group work and discussion.

Playful Sculpture

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Teachers will explore the imaginative ways in which artists create sculptural forms by working with paper artist Sarah Bridgland who has an exhibition in our Clore Art Studio. Sarah collects cuts and assemble papers to make artworks that sit between collage and sculpture. You will work with Sarah to make your own sculptures, drawing with paper and connecting materials to create narratives and miniature works.

Course details

The courses take place at Manchester Art Gallery, with each course limited to 15 places.

Courses run from 1.30-3.30pm, with refreshments from 1.00pm.


To make a booking contact Manchester Art Gallery

Tel: 0161 235 8842


N.B.Although all of the courses are free, if you cancel within 10 working days of the session we'll have to charge your school a £25 administration fee.

Teachers’ feedback

"When I leave I am going to arrange a visit to use the paintings around the gallery to create a narrative and advance the plot."

"I will visit the gallery and other galleries in Manchester more often to gather ideas to use in Art Club, consider what exhibitions are coming up and talk to fellow teachers about the opportunities at Manchester Art Gallery."

Enquiries and contact us

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Contact Manchester Art Gallery's Education team.

Case Study

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Holy Name RC Primary School whole school training.

Case Study

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Arts Week experience for Seymour Road Primary School.