Case Study: Arts Week experience for Seymour Road Primary School

 artwork created by pupils

Seymour Road Primary School asked Manchester Art Gallery’s schools and colleges team to plan and deliver one day's training on the theme of regeneration, change and the local area ahead of their Arts Week in May.

Using the school's local environment and its evolution since Victorian times as inspiration, we delivered whole school training, workshops at the gallery for pupils and artists in schools residencies across the school.

The training day offered teachers the opportunity to work with a practising artist and learn new processes and techniques. In collaboration with colleagues they generated fresh, creative ideas for each year group through engagement with artworks and objects from the gallery's collections.

Teachers reported greater confidence at working creatively, using artistic  perceptions and process to interpret their environment.
Pupils shared their work in assemblies and the school mounted a display of all work produced during the project.

Teachers' feedback

"I will look at art in a different way, thinking about where my ideas have come from and be more confident and ambitious in my art teaching."

"The training day let us get stuck in, we saw art in a variety of forms and had the chance for explanation and experimentation. Lots of inspiration to take back to school and a great team building opportunity."

"I will ensure I give my class time to experiment and ‘play’ with materials to gather ideas for their own sculptures." 

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Case Study

two women particpating in workshop
Newly Qualified Teacher Training Programme.

Case Study

three women participating in workshop
Holy Name Primary whole school training.