It's all just an act

By Pearl Flemming

Hello I'm Magnus, I fix thing because I can't fix myself, I awkwardly stare at people, I often ignore people, I don't tell people what I'm really thinking, I'm what many would call an attention seeker. I'm slow when everyone is fast, I walk when everyone else runs, and I take when everyone else gives. From what I've said so far I may seem unbelievably selfish, I guess I am. Despite what you might see, I haven't always been this way.

I could say he caressed the delicate skin or he gazed into those mesmerizing blue eyes but he didn't, it was more a cacophony of screeches and roars that came from my parents. My dearest mother and my dearest father argued when I was a infant until they were certainly not my dearest at all. Money, money, money it was always about money. I guess that's why every waking second of every day I flip this coin between my fleshy fingers. I like to see it glide and spin then tumble down and down onto the hard concrete ground. My parents never loved me, they never cared for me like other parents did and their selfish actions lead to neglecting me and making me the person I am today. When I was growing up I had to find a way of being loved like every child should. This came through my mystery. I don't like to let everything out in the open as one day someone might come who is intrigued with my life and sees that I am not just an outcast of the world. They will see that this selfish perplexing front is all just an act.

So here I am today walking down this stuffy crowded street, 100's of people yet still not one noticing me. I suppose you could say I have a few tricks to deal with this.

First I will laugh, and laugh uncontrollably, people start to wonder is that man laughing at me? Is that man okay? I love the control I feel I have. Another thing I do is fix my eyes on people, I stare at them until they feel a chill through their bones. It's a truly wonderful feeling however today is no normal day today is the day I see my parents again. I want them to know they have done this to me. I have mot seen them in such a long time it's almost like I don't know them at all so I will introduce myself to them as I did to you.