Character Building

Artworks can provoke emotions, inspire ideas and unlock imagination. Your students will work in groups to explore and respond to our collection. Using drama exercises to get words and ideas flowing they will be encouraged to take risks and use collaborative approaches as they map the emotional landscape of a three dimensional, multi-faceted character.

At Key Stage 3 this session offers a fresh and playful approach to character-driven short fiction, which can be developed in any number of ways to meet the needs of your students.

At Key Stage 4 the session is perfect for developing a piece of original writing, such as the creation of a monologue with a strong sense of character voice.

Read some some example short stories here: It's all just an act, I do... Two simple words, Me: Just Gris.

Children sitting in a circle
A group of children looking at art
Two boys looking at art
Four boys working together
A group of children working together
Four boys writing