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Please note that this workshop will only be running until Fri 30th March 2012.

Using Pre-Raphaelite paintings and contemporary art practice, students uncover symbols and hidden meanings relating to nature and people. They explore how these can evoke emotions in the viewer. This collaborative process includes discussion, observational drawing and experimental image projections.

Aims (Skills, Knowledge, Activity, Result)

  • To explore paintings, sculpture, installation and temporary artworks using the theme of nature, discovering how this relates to people and our lives.
  • To work in groups to compare and contrast the use of symbolism in Pre Raphaelite paintings and how it its still relevant to them as young people today.
  • To interact and contribute to the new gallery space known as The Pre Raphaelite experiment, encouraging students to think independently, creating narratives and interpretations of the artworks
  • To experiment with a variety of art materials and produce a creative response to contemporary artworks in the 20th century gallery space and share their responses through discussion and feedback.
  • To work collectively in the studio to develop a visual dialogue which will be shared using experimental image projections

What happens in a workshop

Students will explore how artist have used symbolism in artworks throughout the centuries.
Using Pre Raphaelite art as a stimulus the students will discuss in groups and develop a shared viewpoint. They will compare and contrast the symbolism in nature and then relate it to themselves as young people in the 21st Century. By making connections with contemporary artworks they will, in groups, begin to develop ideas for installation art, spaces and a shared experience.
Students will then be shown examples of how installation and spaces have been used to convey symbolism and a visual message in contemporary fashion and art. The process will then allow the students to experiment with the techniques and skills learnt back at school

Prepare for your visit

  • Introduce students to the theme of symbolism look at examples and discuss a variety of images
  • Encourage students to think about installation as an art form and discuss how this is different from a 2D painting
  • Discuss with students the value of using real artworks as a source of inspiration and how this might differ from looking at reproductions
  • Explain the reasons for no touching, eating in the gallery space i.e. for the protection and conservation of artworks

What people are saying about the workshop

Student responses include:

The workshop drew us to paintings we wouldn’t normally notice and we could soak up different artwork and create our own interpretation.

The objects helped us observe paintings in more detail and we were able to look at them from all aspects.

I prefer the Pre-Raphaelite paintings because they are more complex and expressive, whereas the contemporary artwork had only a single theme.

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School girl in gallery
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