Journaling Nature

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Please note that this workshop will only be running until Fri 30th March 2012.

Let us take you on a sensory journey through the seasons. We’ll collect natural elements and use them to explore colour, shape, pattern and texture. Pupils will document their discoveries in nature journals.

Aims (Skills, Knowledge, Activity, Result)

  • To explore how artists have been inspired by the nature throughout the centuries
  • To encourage pupils to think independently, look closely and create narratives and interpretations of the artworks
  • To introduce pupils to a unique and fun way of creating a journal inspired by artworks and nature, documenting their thoughts, ideas, sharing responses in groups.
  • To experiment will a variety of materials back in the studio, including wax trapping, collage, composition and booking binding techniques.
  • To inspire pupils to collect objects around them and put them to a creative use and continue journaling back at school and at home.

What happens in a workshop

Pupils will explore how artists from the Pre-Raphaelites to 21st century have been inspired by nature and the ongoing changes to nature, the environment and our outside spaces.
Pupils will use three paintings and one sculpture as a stimulus to see how artists have captured nature and the changing seasons, to gather ideas, responses and materials.
Pupils will work in four groups to trace nature through sketching, questioning, independent and group thinking and discussion. This will lead to group interpretations of the artworks. Pupils will collect a physical object, which will act as a memory from each artwork.
The collection of objects will them be changed by the pupils back in the studio, to create a journal inspired by the journey encountered throughout the gallery.

Prepare for your visit

Discuss with the children the value of experiencing real artworks through a gallery visit, rather than seeing reproductions.
Collect images of art or objects that use the theme of nature, consider what style has been used, and how popular natural forms are.
Split the class into four groups of mixed ability.

What people are saying about the session

I enjoyed creating the journal because I can take it home, add to it, look back over it. I have never done anything like it before. Pupil

I was surprised how the art gallery was used like a classroom. I want to continue the journaling throughout the year and liked that we never used a piece of white paper or a pencil to document the journey. Teacher

The children really thought hard about the different senses enabling them to relate to the paintings. Hannah, Volunteer

How to book

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Find out how to plan your visit.