KS2 Workshops

Pupils creating art on a windowColouring our environment

pupils are shown how artists use colour to capture  the look and feel of he world around them. Colour theory is introduced to explore artworks and to help them look closely at the buildings and colours of different environments. Working from our top floor panoramic windows pupils use Manchester's skyline as inspiration for group responses that capture and celebrate the urban environment.

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People, Pastimes, PortraitsGrayson Perry, Jane Austin in E17

Inspired by images of people in different times, pupils explore paintings and ceramics to help them understand the different ways artists represent identity. They create and follow a line through the gallery as they layer ideas, mind-map thoughts and collect drawings. In our studios, pupils use wax trapping techniques to make individual portraits that are framed to create a miniature art gallery that represents their journey.

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Children in a workshopSettings for stories

Using curious objects and historical and imaginative paintings as settings, pupils bring the collection alive using drama techniques that extend into movement and the development of sounds. Their ideas and resulting performances are documented on DVD so that these can be developed back in school into a range of creative writing outcomes, including the development of stories.

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Victorian Pupils in a workshopManchester

Pupils will understand how different sections of society interacted with and built the foundation of the Manchester we know today. Using role play and drama they empathise with both the rich and poor through the exploration of work and city life. Philanthropist Thomas Horsfall who created The Manchester Art Museum in 1884 is the focus of our pupil led exhibition Art for All: Thomas Horsfall's Gift to Manchester which pupils will use to discuss ideas of class, beauty and society.

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Deciding fates in Ancient GreeceChildren voting

Pupils are introduced to Zeus, leader of Ancient Greece’s Gods and begin to think about the job he has to do. Is it easy having so much power? Does he always make the right decisions? Other gods and goddesses are introduced through our architecture, paintings and ceramics. Exploring myths and legends along the way pupils debate and use the power of persuasion to decide whether Zeus is the right god for the job.

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Artists in Schools

Children participating in workshop
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Ford Madox Brown's Work

Ford Madox Brown's Work - detail
Ford Madox Brown's painting Work, is brought to life in this exciting interactive aimed at KS2 pupils.