Greek Myths & Morals

 Children getting involved in workshop

Children in workshop

Children in workshop

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Please note that this workshop will only be running until Fri 30th March 2012.

Pupils debate timeless moral dilemmas as they explore how religion and belief in the gods influenced the everyday life of Athenian citizens.

Aims (Skills, Knowledge, Activity, Result)

  • To develop pupils’ skills to participate and communicate effectively
  • To explore how Greek gods/goddesses and myths influenced ancient Greek everyday life and political decisions
  • To create a fact filled sketchbook to aid decision making and as a record of the day
  • To stimulate pupils through debate to see different points of view of moral dilemmas and create persuasive arguments

What happens in a workshop

The pupils explore the gallery, hunting for real ancient Greek artefacts and influences. Working in groups they learn about Greek gods and goddess and feedback to the rest of the class. Using the myth of 'Prometheus and the gift of fire' pupils debate the rights and wrongs of a moral dilemma, as well as hearing the story behind the Olympic flame. They also examine superstition by looking at a painting of the Oracle.

Back in the studio pupils try out three forms of voting, including two ancient Greek methods using jury voting tokens. For the third form of voting pupils debate the contemporary issue of the 'Parthenon Marbles' using interactive white board voting pods to vote in the style of an audience participation game show.

Prepare for your visit

  • Pupils would benefit from some prior knowledge of Ancient Greek lifestyle and myths
  •  Find out how to plan your visit, including booking information, parking, facilities and a downloadable risk assessment

What people are saying about the workshop

“The discussion/ debates really got the pupils thinking and looking at issues from a different point of view.”

Year 6 teacher, Bolshaw Primary School

How to book

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Find out how to plan your visit.

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