KS1 Workshops

Susan Hillier, Rough TimesNatural and Man-made

Pupils investigate natural and manmade materials, to discover the natural world and local environment. Their journey around the gallery includes a breezy boat ride, diving into stormy seas and a walk on the beach. Inspired by dramatic seascapes pupils follow lines whether found or created using drawing and mark making, to create watercolour compositions.


Light and Dark

Pupils see how artists use light and dark to capture the atmosphere of the world we live in. They will use colour and the natural light source of the sun as a spotlight to help them understand the changing seasons. Discovering how artists have captured fresh spring grass and shadow filled forests will inspire the pupils to paint colour palettes that you can take back to school to continue your colour explorations.


Detail of Winter Fuel by Sir John Everett Millais

Goodies and Baddies

Enter the enchanted world of fairy tales, where your pupils will become story catchers, inspired to develop their own traditional tale. They'll encounter goodies and baddies depicted from long ago and far away before creating their own character. Will your pupils conjure up a Prince Silver Spurs, a Lady Pink Ribbons, a Wizard Long Legs? Using  story mountains and captivating small worlds, pupils create strong narratives and take their own fantastical tale back to school.

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