Sally Howard

Sally HowardSally Howard artworkSally Howard with artwork

Drie Vissen (paper maché and blue ink on chipboard)

Inspired by… the gallery entrance hall and Plate made in Delft, Holland, 1743

"I was inspired by the three fish positioned between the panels and how they were placed geometrically. The triangular formation of the fish also reminded me of the recycling symbol. I was also inspired by the wall panels in the entrance hall. These pieces convey a feeling of movement.

My sculpture is constructed as a relief piece to bring movement to the fish.

The gallery is a good source of inspiration. I also enjoy bringing my son to do making together. My sculpture class is my bubble of ‘me’ time doing something I love. I have learnt new techniques and made friends."

Sally Howard attended the Sculpture class at Chorlton Park Adult Learning Centre with Manchester Adult Education Service.