Richard Bannister

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Self Study 5 (pastel on canvas)

Inspired by... Derek Jarman's Queer, 1992

'I admire how this painting questions and reflects contemporary society regarding the subject of homosexuality. As a gay man myself, I have been a victim of homophobia and this painting has helped me to realise that I can incorporate the themes of sexuality and identity into my art work.

I have created a self portrait revealing how I have felt and still feel about being gay. By presenting the figure as emaciated and in a state of depression I feel I can reflect the struggles endured by some individuals when coming to terms with their sexuality.

I feel that I am more independent and ambitious in my goals. I have gained a lot more confidence and belief in myself through studying independently. I have also learnt many new skills that I will keep for life."

Richard Bannister is a self directed learner.