Penny Cottrill

Penny CottrillPenny Cottrill artworkPenny Cottrill with artwork

February 2008 (acrylic paint, pastel, tissue paper, wool on paper)

Inspired by… Vase designed by Christopher Dresser for Linthorpe Art Pottery, 1879-1889

"I was first drawn to the dark colours and the lustre of the glaze. I liked the way the light caught the ridges in the clay and broke the surface into an almost oil slick iridescence of blues, greens and violets.

I didn’t register the vase until I had been in the gallery some time. I became aware of the background darkness, then the lighter splashes of white and ochre seemed to form into figures. I depicted shadowy figures emerging from a moonlit, watery landscape.

Adult education has given me a focus to vague feelings that I would like to learn how to paint and draw. It has given me a structure that means I cannot be sidetracked by other commitments. It has given me space in the week for myself."

Penny Cottrill took her Art and Design Level 2, NOCN at Chorlton Park Adult Learning Centre with Manchester Adult Education Service.