Lynda Crosthwaite

Lynda CrosthwaiteLynda Crosthwaite artworkLynda Crosthwaite with artwork

Limestone (fabrics, threads and beads, machine and hand stitch embroidery with bonding and fusing)

Inspired by… Stoneware teapot imitating limestone, made in Staffordshire, 1760s

"The teapot is a simple functional everyday object having no connection with limestone, a natural building material, found in the area close to where I live. It is amazing how and why the potter created such a wonderful and unusual teapot design.

I love the colour and am attracted to shape and pattern. I chose to use some of the shapes I sketched to create my own pattern.

The Gallery of Craft and Design contains some fabulous examples of old and new pieces created by craftspeople. It is a reminder of the love of materials and dedication with skill used in their creation, in what now seems like a manufactured world."

Lynda Crosthwaite is a self-directed learner.