Joan Davis

Joan DavisJoan Davis artworkJoan Davis with artwork

Regeneration (photographs on foamboard)

Inspired by… Architecture of Manchester Art Gallery atrium, designed by Michael Hopkins architects, 2002 and Wall tiles by William de Morgan in the Pre-Raphaelite gallery, 1872-1900

"The refurbished Manchester Art Gallery personifies the regeneration of Manchester for me. Born just after the war I remember Manchester as a very depressed place, but now I find it very lively and a place I like to be.

I took photographs of the atrium from different places. I learnt how to manipulate photographs on a computer.

Adult education is a good place to meet like-minded people. Instruction and encouragement are helping me to overcome the frustration of my perceived inability to paint and draw."

Joan Davis took her Art and Design Level 2, NOCN in Studio 1, Wythenshawe with Manchester Adult Education Service.