Helen O'Brien

Helen O'BrienHelen O'Brien artworkHelen O'Brien with artwork

Hair (acrylic paint on canvas)

Inspired by… John William Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs, 1896

"I love all the small details in this painting, like the strands of hair on the nymphs, the flowers, the water. I have Aspergers and I always focus on the small details in a painting, tiny details that others don’t see.

I took the colours I saw in the nymphs hair, oranges and browns. I thought of the flow and movement of the hair as many lines and I thought about how hair moves and ripples when dry and in water.

Visiting the gallery has made me think about different ways to create a painting. It is difficult for a mind like mine to push beyond the restrictions of my disability. Through adult education classes my art is improving and I’ve learnt so much."

Helen O’Brien took her Art and Design Level 2, NOCN at Studio 1 in Wythenshawe with Manchester Adult Education Service.