Derek White

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Which way now? (gouache and acrylic on canvas)

Inspired by… Patrick Caulfield's Inside a weekend cabin, 1969 and Adolphe Valette's Oxford Road, 1910

"Manchester is a large multicultural metropolis with a constant influx of people of a great diversity of backgrounds arriving in Manchester for many different reasons. As in Valette’s picture, the main route into the city centre is via the transport system. In my picture the tram represents the arterial network bringing people in and out of the city. The people in the picture embrace both the welcoming gesture of the indigenous population and the bewilderment of the new arrival.

When I visit Manchester Art Gallery I never fail to be motivated to try new challenges in my art. As a newly retired teacher, I have found the Adult Education service provides ample opportunities to continue my lifelong learning. In this experimental art class we are encouraged to take our art beyond self imposed restrictions and embrace a greater diversity of approaches."

Derek White took a course in Experimental Art at Prestwich Adult Learning Centre with Manchester Adult Education Service.