Stanley Tomlinson

Stanley TomlinsonStanley Tomlinson artworkStanley Tomlinson with artwork

Tribute to a Working Man (finger painting, acrylics)

Inspired by… Howard Hodgkin's The Hopes at Home, 1973-77

“I really like the picture and I’d have it hung up in my living room. The things I like about it are the colour, the form and the shapes. Also the black border helps to set the scene.

Through the project I experimented with colour and shape and form and looking at Hodgkin’s work. Then I tried printing with my finger and through the close contact with the paint I became more expressive.

The figure is a typical working man and represents my 62 years of working.

Visiting the gallery, I feel 20 years younger because it’s given me lots to think about.

Adult education has given me an opportunity to think about art and to learn to draw and paint.”

Stanley Tomlinson took the Art and Design NOCN Level 1 at Forum Learning, Wythenshawe with Manchester Adult Education Service.