Karen Platt

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Leygate Moor the Glorious Twelfth (acrylics)

Inspired by… Wynford Dewhurst's The Picnic, 1908

"I was immediately attracted by the vibrancy of the colours, the atmosphere and feeling it creates, and the texture that is created by the painting in the Impressionist style. It made me think of all the diverse countryside on our doorstep around Manchester, in particular Leygate Moor in the summer.

I have been inspired to paint a local landscape using vibrant colours and use a technique new to me to visually convey the impact and atmosphere that I felt when I was on the moor. It has stretched me artistically, and encouraged me to work outside my comfort zone.

Visiting the gallery it is far more interesting to see the work in real life. It is more dramatic and full of atmosphere. You can see the texture and colours clearer; this can be lost in books or on the Internet. It has encouraged me to experiment with my art.

Adult education has meant that I have met new friends, developed new skills in art and progressed more than I thought I would.”

Karen Platt took her Art and Design NOCN Level 1 at Forum Learning, Wythenshawe with Manchester Adult Education Service.