John Brindley

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Beyond the Door (No. 31) (light pencil sketch and acrylics)

Inspired by… W.F Yeames' Prince Arthur and Hubert, 1882 and V.C Prinsep's At the Golden Gate, c.1882

"I first connected with Prince Arthur and Hubert as I saw this picture as an angst father with an innocent and concerned daughter, as I have much experience of daughter induced anxiety. I was affected by the gravity and emotion in the facial expressions, body language and colours.

I was also reminded of my daughters by the series of paintings hung near At The Golden Gate, particularly my youngest daughter who is at university in London. All of these paintings were very feminine, sensual and had interesting symbols and a story behind them.

At The Golden Gate reminded me of some photo’s I had taken of Josie posing at her front door. I wanted to paint one of these images, with subtle symbols and a title, that would hopefully create enough interest for people to read the story behind the painting.

The evening class in art has made me put time aside to tackle an interest I have been putting off since the age of 16, when I left school."

John Brindley attended the Mixed Media arts beginners class at the Dialstone Centre in Stockport.