Joan Davis

Joan DavisJoan Davies artworkJoan Davis with artwork

Man’s Legacy (acrylics on canvas, brush, knife, silk, dyes and mixed yarns)

Inspired by… Keith Piper's Untitled, 1986

“As a textile person I was first drawn to the painting by the colour, texture and movement. A closer look reveals political messages - war, conflict, things going wrong that are unresolved.

The vibrant colours and textures made me want to use yarns and fabric from my collection giving a sense of movement. Man's selfishness and greed overrides his regard for the environment – burning fossil fuels, forests etc. The above issues inspired this piece of work.

Since the reopening of the gallery I have visited many times – exhibitions as well as the permanent collection. A stimulating, friendly, accessible environment.

As a retiree of Adult education, I now take the opportunity to pursue new things. I find the course tutor and students very stimulating and helpful.”

Joan Davis took her Art and Design NOCN Level 1 at Forum Learning, Wythenshawe with Manchester Adult Education Service.