Farzana Ullah

Farzana UllahFarzana Ullah artworkFarzana Ullah with artwork

Café Uno (printing inks and paper)

Inspired by… L.S. Lowry's An Organ Grinder, 1934

“I was drawn to Lowry’s work because of my own interest in architecture. Living in Manchester I felt it would be nice to look at buildings that are around at present, represent these with some elements of Lowry’s style, his use of limited colour palette and his style of drawing people.

I started replicating Lowry’s work and moved onto buildings in Didsbury. I decided to do printing as I felt that Lowry’s work had a lot of straight lines and grainy texture. I chose to do a circular image because the photo I took highlighted the curve in the road.

I have learnt new skills and had the opportunity to use a range of media. Visiting Manchester Art Gallery has helped me learn about artists I knew nothing about before.” 

Farzana Ullah took her Art and Design NOCN Level 1 at Chorlton Park Adult Education Centre with Manchester Adult Education Service.