Edith Tunstall

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Fish Feb 07 (rice paper, Chinese watercolours, Chinese brush)

Inspired by… Unknown artist's Tile – Egyptian

“This small tile shaped like a fish struck me immediately as a subject for Chinese Brush Painting.  It was not gaudy or beautifully coloured but it was so simple yet conveyed ‘fish’ to me. Chinese Brush painting appears simple and the strokes convey the spirit of the subject rather than a pictorial representation.

I wanted to keep the simplicity of the shape rather than paint an actual fish. A fish is a symbol of wealth and abundance, also regeneration.

Adult education keeps me in touch with other like-minded people. It is important to keep learning and trying new things. I have joined several societies and travelled to workshops since starting adult education”

Edith Tunstall attended a Chinese Brush painting class at the Union Chapel, Fallowfield.