Tanya Kharina

Winner of Inspired by... 2006Inspired by... Winner 2006Tanya Kharina with Francis Bacon's Portrait of Henrietta Moraes on a Blue Couch

Creepers (fabric, buttons, photographs, string)

Inspired by… Francis Bacon's Portrait of Henrietta Moraes on a Blue Couch, 1965

 “I think the way Bacon paints Henrietta’s figure is very expressive. Bacon’s  brush strokes outline the curves on Henrietta’s body, and her face appears violent and ugly or beautiful all at once. It reminds me more of an animal’s face than a human. The portrait looks deformed and disproportional.

It inspired me to make a set of disproportional body figures conveying the shape and angles of the human body that can be captured by looking at the body from different angles. I used black and white portrait photographs which portray the emotions whilst looking more realistic, scary and unusual.

Adult education is about a continual process of opening yourself up to new ideas, new skills and new ways of thinking. One’s life improves in many areas, both professionally and socially.”

Tanya Kharina took a BA Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University.