Kais Messaoud

Winner of Inspired by... 2006Inspired by... Winner 2006 Kais Messaoud - UntitledKais Messaoud with Kate Malone's Queen Pineapple

Untitled (wire) 

Inspired by… Kate Malone's Queen Pineapple and Vase, 1994-5

“The scale of this art work is really amazing. I was really taken by it, the bits that the whole body of the pineapple is made from and the parts that extend from the diamond shapes. I think they’re like candies or delicious cream flowing out of the squares from behind.

I did some sketches of sections of the pineapple and I found myself repeating the shapes again and again. I started to bend the wire in a way that follows a repeated sequence.

Manchester Art Gallery was recommended to me by my tutors. It was a discovery to me. There is lots to see in the gallery and I try not to miss any of the exhibitions, especially the contemporary art exhibitions.”

Kais Messaoud took his Art and Design Foundation Year at Manchester College of Art and Technology's Moston Campus.