Ahmet Turgutlu

Winner of Inspired by... 2006Inspired by... Winner 2006 Ahmet Turgutlu - Bospherous and HorseAhmet Turgutlu with Adolphe Valette's Old Cab at All Saints

Bospherous and Horse (acrylic on paper)

Inspired by... Adolphe Valette's Old Cab at All Saints, 1911

“I like the nostalgia of Valette’s painting, with the old buildings which are still recognisable today. I also like the pinkish colour. The buildings in the back remind me of a mosque. In my art work a Turkish mosque takes the place of the church. The horse, which is still in use in Turkey, links to the original painting. The vivid colours are subdued by the setting sun rather than by fog.

Visiting Manchester Art Gallery has opened my horizons and I enjoy gaining inspiration from the paintings. Adult education gives me time to improve my skills and to learn from the teacher and other students.”

Ahmet Turgutlu took Visual Art Skills GMOCN Level 2 with Manchester Adult Education Service at Greenheys Adult Learning Centre.