Handling objects

Handling objects Mary Greg's cabinet of curiositiesMary Greg's cabinet of curiosities

Handling objects, bring the gallery to your classroom

Let us bring Manchester Art Gallery to you and provide an object handling session for you and your class or group.

We've created a traveling box of curiosities that brings actual gallery objects into school for your pupils to handle, discuss and use to create stories. The objects come from Mary Greg, a Victorian lady who donated her wonderful collection to the gallery in 1922 so that it could be used to educate children. Pupils will explore letters from Mary to help them investigate objects and create links to encourage conversation, stir the imagination and discover who Mary Greg was.

As well as being an inspiring resource for schools, the objects provide a brilliant stimulus for creative and reminiscence projects with adult groups. They encourage collective conversations, stir the imagination and generate stories.

The power of objects

"The objects really sparked the children's imaginations regardless of ability. Those with Special Educational Needs were able to create really imaginative and creative responses due to the high quality of the stimuli and input."

"This activity is outstanding for speaking and listening strands of English - especially story writing."

"The session links well with the Victorians study in the National Curriculum for History."


We can bring the Handling objects box to your school or centre and lead an object handling session for you and your class.

To make a booking or find out about our costs, just get in touch.

Tel: 0161 235 8842

Handling objects was commissioned from a desire to explore imaginative responses to Mary's objects and to allow people to handle the collection. It was designed, co-curated and constructed by Hedsor, artists Karl and Kimberly Foster. Hedsor's practice is rooted in the use of objects to allow people to develop the tools to play an active role in interpreting artworks. Please visit their website to find out more about their inspiring approaches to engaging with museum and gallery collections, www.objectdialoguebox.com/

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Curating our objects box

Artwork by Moston Fields Primary School

Pupils stories from the session.

Letter to Mary

Children sketching

Pupils stories from the session.