Nature Trail

 Children getting involved in workshop

Children in workshop

Children having fun in workshop

Child painting in workshop

Children painting in workshop

Please note that this workshop will only run until Fri 30th March 2012.

Get in touch with nature at the gallery. Explore paintings and sculpture that help you discover the seasons, mini beasts, wildlife and things you find in the garden. Pupils document their journey creating colourful paintings using mixed media.

Aims (Skills, Knowledge, Activity, Result)

  • To introduce and welcome pupils to different types of artworks.
  • To look at artworks from the 17th century to contemporary art.
  • To look at how artists have responded to the theme of nature, the seasons and the world around us.
  • To make drawings in the gallery in response to the artworks discussed and develop a painting in the studio.

What happens in a workshop

Our tour of the Gallery introduces the theme of nature using paintings and sculpture. During the tour, the children will interact with artworks to explore the senses and use role play to step inside a painting. They also make drawings inspired by the artworks using coloured pencils and wax crayons.

In the studio these drawings are developed further and the children experiment with different ways of working. Paintings are then created with the artist leading the workshop, using a variety of techniques.

Prepare for your visit

  • Discuss with your pupils how they will be seeing real art works, and think about how it is different from seeing images of artworks in books, for example.
  •  Consider with the children how artists are inspired by nature from the past to the present day. What objects or images can they find that use nature as a theme? 
  • Find out how to plan your visit, including booking information, parking, facilities and a downloadable risk assessment.

What people are saying about the workshop

"Children really enjoy experimenting with the different techniques and the teachers and carers are amazed by the paintings they create."

Pat, workshop leader.