Angels of Anarchy, Women Artists and Surrealism

26 September - 10 January

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Still life, breasts and fur

21 November 2009

My first ‘Angel of Anarchy’ tour went well last Saturday, about fifteen men and women of various age groups were in the group and we focused on three exhibits in each section, and looked at others.

Some interesting comments were made at the end of the tour which I thought were of interest. In the Still life section I directed the focus of the group to the photograph Amputated Breast on Plate by Lee Miler. I mentioned beforehand that it was not meant to offend and that one of the reasons for its existence was that Lee and other females were fed up being appreciated only for their breasts and that other qualities were overlooked. One member of the group said that the photograph did not make her feel uncomfortable because she had spent most of her working life in a hospital operating theatre. Another lady commented that it was a statement that needed to be made both then and now. The same person thought that Meret Oppenheim’s, Breakfast in Fur would not have the same impact today as in 1936 because our attitude to wearing fur has changed. Everyone thought it was an interesting exhibition, however one person said she would not wish to have a copy of any exhibit in her home.

Next time I must make sure I get some male comments, looking back over this I realise all the comments are from females.


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