Angels of Anarchy, Women Artists and Surrealism

26 September - 10 January

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Completed poems

across pavements lie the footprints of my soul by greer wright
14 December 2009

reality exists inside the fog by Claire Quigley
14 December 2009

breathing in the damp green by maggie oneill
15 December 2009

Wings, spiritual ears, face the anarchy of bodies by rosanna carrera
15 December 2009

I will iron a thousand tiny blue dresses by Lorna Ruskin
15 December 2009

The freak whose arms I seek when all is bleak by Nusra Nazir
15 December 2009

enraged and disheveled shards of time dismantled by Karena A Karras
16 December 2009

wrap in dirty fingers blood ribbons tear at grasp by ruth Asquith
17 December 2009

the thin clouds shredded themselves in the trees by Laurence Hawkins
18 December 2009

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