Sophie MacCorquodale: Waiting for the day

Thursday 11th January 2007

Until Sunday 8 April 2007. Free admission. MacCorquodale is the winner of the 3rd annual Crosby Manchester Art Prize. The prize encourages talented emerging artists living or working in Greater Manchester by giving them the opportunity show their work at Manchester Art Gallery, with an accompanying publication.


MacCorquodale has created a new film focusing on the seaside resort of Rhyl. She has explored the coast enjoyed by holiday makers since Victorian times and filmed a range of locations that capture different eras, from the 19th century seafront hotels, 1920s cinemas and ‘50s dance halls to the more recent amusement arcades, caravan parks and the SunCentre, with its manufactured tropical environment, wave machines, slides and fast food outlets.

The film captures the nostalgia and romanticism of a seaside town which has been the holiday destination for many generations and more recently subject to regeneration projects to encourage a new generation to visit. But it is by no means simply a record or lament for a bygone era. It articulates an emotion that all of us, across generations, can recognise: in our search for happiness and belonging we tend to romanticise the past and project feelings of joy onto particular places or situations. Sophie’s work looks at how these nostalgic projections contrast with the reality of our actual experience.

Peter Vella, Sales and Marketing Director for Crosby said “It’s been a great pleasure for Crosby to support this prize, now in its third year. I am very proud that we were involved with the inception and development of the prize. I have really enjoyed our involvement, especially the opportunity to support artistic talent and see how initial proposals come to fruition in the final exhibition and publication. I have seen how previous winners have benefited from winning this competition and I wish Sophie MacCorquodale every success in her future career.”