Links Policy

While every effort is made to check the content and accuracy of the websites we link to, Manchester Art Gallery can take no responsibility for information contained on websites maintained by other organisations or for action taken as a result of information contained on websites maintained by other organisations.
Although we try to keep these up to date we cannot guarantee that these links will work all the time, and we have no control over the linked pages.
We make links to other reputable sites when they add value to the information and services available on this site. We do not "trade links" in order to improve other sites' search engine rankings or to send traffic to commercial sites, and we do not respond to such requests.

Making a link to us

We welcome links to our site from other sites, providing the wording of the link does not misrepresent our site - check with us if you are unsure.
The site from which you wish to link must comply with all relevant laws and regulations and must not contain content that may be considered to be distasteful or offensive.
Manchester Art Gallery prefers to share links with organisations & companies whose aims and activities are similar to our own, if your organisation's content is not related to our websites or programmes in anyway we would prefer you did not make a link to us.
To ensure that any links from your site to ours remain correct, please make all links to the site's home page - , as particular pages within the site may be moved or removed over time.

Reporting broken links

To report a broken link on this website, please email us, send details of the web page containing the broken link together with the web address you were unable to access.